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Intramedullary Nail Extraction Techniques Introduction The Zimmer® Intramedullary Nail Extraction Set is a universal system, allowing it to be used with any brand or style of cannulated nail, including tibial, femoral, recon, and humeral nails. The system can be used for simple extractions, as well as broken nails and difficult-to-remove nails. 2015-12-12 · Intramedullary nail fixation remains the treatment of choice for unstable and displaced tibial shaft fractures in the adult [ 1 ]. The goals of surgical treatment are to achieve osseous union and to restore length, alignment, and rotation of the fractured tibia. This 3D medical animation shows the surgical steps to repair a severely fractured femur (broken leg) using an intramedullary nail device.

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Intertrochanteric fracture left femur (fracture thigh's bone). It was operated and inserted intramedullary nail.. Foto av Puwadol Jaturawutthichai på Mostphotos. Rok ben - Royaltyfri Anatomi Bildbanksbilder.

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Approximately 10% of  nail. 3. Nagel (emër, gjinia mashkullore) Forma të: nagels (gjinore); nägel (shumësi) intramedullärer Nagel.

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2015-12-12 · Intramedullary nail fixation remains the treatment of choice for unstable and displaced tibial shaft fractures in the adult [ 1 ].

Intramedullary nail

Products >. 10.1055/b-0038-160827 3.3.1 Intramedullary nailingMartin H Hessmann To access the videos, please follow the URL link 1 Types of intramedullary nails Intramedullary nailing of shaft fractures of the femur, tibia, and humerus is generally accepted as a standard treatment.
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Intramedullary nail

Periosteal and intramedullary proliferation involv diaphysis.

The ‘interlocking nail’ was introduced in 1972 after its predecessor the ‘detensor nail’ in 1968 also by Küntscher, in the intention to solve problems with the treatment of comminuted fractures 1. Indications. Indications of intramedullary nailing are the following 1,2: femoral diaphyseal fractures and distal femur fractures Intramedullary nailing Intramedullary fixation is valuable and appropriate for the majority of tibial fractures. It is well-suited for the mid diaphysis.
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4. Humeral nail-EX.

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Download as PDF. About this page.

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Download as PDF. About this page. Flexible intramedullary nail 1.

IM nailing is suitable for patient with previous external fixators.